Mountain Outline & Trees Wheel Centercap Overlay Set

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>> These are intended to go over SMOOTH wheel center caps. <<
They *can* go over centercaps with raised logos but even with the thicker vinyl options (carbon fiber/shade shifts...), the logo still shows through the overlay. 


👉 Size. Down. 👈
If you're on the edge of measurement, round down to the nearest mm or two. The overlay needs to be fully sealed on your centercap, just think about how much dirt/grime/road abuse your wheels see - any vinyl hanging over the edge will not seal and grime will get between the centercap and the overlay. *

Be sure to double check your measurements. I am not responsible for any errors on your size selection. If you do not see your size, use "other" and input your measurement. Round DOWN to the closest mm or two. 


Comes as a set of 6.


Standard life expectancy for the overlays is as follows:

Standard Vinyl (Oracal 651) 5+ years
Specialty Vinyl (Carbon fiber, Glow in the dark, glitter, shade shift) 3+ Years
Printed Vinyl 2+ years

This is STANDARD life expectancy with no extra abuse. Keep in mind emblem overlays on the front of your car see a lot of trauma, especially if you wash with a power washer and/or if your car is in location with exceptionally rough summer heat/winter roads. Life expectancy may be reduced dramatically depending on these conditions.
Designs with small details do need some consideration during these same harsh conditions (including power washing your car) to extend the life of the design.