How long will it take to get my order?

Production time MAY take up to 2 weeks prior to shipping. Each decal/emblem overlay set is made to order in the order it is received. This is NOT a new timeframe. We have always shipped within 7-10 business days. :) 

Once order is completed, shipping speed depends on which method of shipping you use and where you live. Please plan ahead when ordering. Orders are completed in the order they are received.


What if my order doesn't arrive when USPS/UPS says it will be here?

Once your order has left my hands, it is in the trusty hands of our postal service. Shipping time-frames are estimated but never guaranteed. Any issues with the mail (including being marked Delivered but is not in your mailbox) needs to be taken up with the USPS/UPS directly as I do not have any control over your order. I can only see the same tracking information as you can. I wish i could hand deliver each order do you all to ensure it arrives safely and promptly, but I cannot. Feel free to message me if you do have problems with the mail but I have zero control over any of it and your best, most efficient contact would be directly to your local post office/UPS depot.

PLEASE NOTE  ((*ESPECIALLY CURRENTLY SINCE WE ARE IN A PANDEMIC*)): PLEASE allow additional delivery time for mail. The shelter-in-place orders and social distancing restrictions have created additional delays as well as staffing issues due to, well you know, people getting sick... 

WITHIN THE US: The estimated 3-5 business days for first class is just that, an estimate. I cannot see any additional tracking on my end than the USPS site provides so my information will be the same for finding the location of your package. IF IT HAS BEEN LOST FOR MORE THAN 7 BUSINESS DAYS, THEN PLEASE CONTACT ME :)   

ANYWAY, point being. We're all doing our best, just a little slower than before so please be patient & stay safe out there! 

We are bound to the USPS and their updated Service Alerts are found HERE

PLEASE BE PATIENT. International orders take boats, planes and trains from me to you, all of which take awhile. 

Also, please understand we ship with USPS and once your order has left the US, your tracking info will not update on their website. You will have to check with your country's postal service for updates. 

I will not be replacing lost orders (with rare exceptions, because things happen). 99% of the time, your order will arrive, it's just taking the scenic route 




Can I change my order?

Unfortunately, changes to orders opens up too many possibilities of order errors.

If you placed your order and realize an error within your order confirmation, please reply to that email asap and let us know what's going on.

Most changes (aside from shipping information updates) will warrant the order/item to be cancelled/refunded so you can reorder with the updates you'd like. This is to help reduce the amount of communication errors between emails and production. You can see our order form is thorough, we want to make sure you receive exactly what you're after 😊


Can I cancel my order?

If you want to cancel your order, please email us at asap. We do try and get production started as soon as possible so if you've changed your mind or you want to change your order, please reach out asap. 


Can I return my order if i don't like the colors I chose?

Unfortunately, I am no longer accepting returns/exchanges. They got too out of hand and trying to resell an exact emblem overlay set between the color combination and year/model fitment. If you aren't satisfied with your color choice, please message me and I will provide you a ONE time use discount code on a replacement set. If you aren't sure about the color combination you're pondering, shoot me a message or email and I will provide you pictures of examples/vinyl samples. I want you to be happy with your order! :) 



Please install overlays as soon as you can in case there are any fitment errors. I cannot guarantee free replacements if overlays aren't installed or if I am not contacted within 90 days after order.