*Any questions regarding an order you placed, please reply to your order confirmation*


 Do you have a color that will match my Subaru Paint/Trim Color?

>> If you are looking for colors to match your car, check out this link HERE!

We have been working on adding REAL life pictures as often as we can!  (long overdue, I knowwwww). 

**We are working on finding an autumn green Outback (on a not overcast/super smokey day.... to show that nothing matches this color :)


  What's up with the "NEON FAQ"??

The Neon Yellow is a cast vinyl, made for wrapping cars. This means it cannot handle details cut out of us (this is why it's only available as a background).

ALSO: Neon colors do not have near the life expectancy as other vinyls.  (This is a general rule with neon anything. It will typically fade and quickly, depending on how much sun exposure the item sees).

This vinyl may fade in as soon as a few months, could be more or less depending on the amount of sunshine that your emblems see. Some people may have zero problems for a year or more as the vinyl itself has a 4 year life expectancy. But the neon vinyls may fade quicker than you'd like. If you have any further questions, please reach out to us at orsinivinylanddesigns@gmail.com


Why are there overlays in "SOLD OUT" status?

Each of our items is MADE TO ORDER and we are a tiny operation.

In order to provide you with so many options, we have to limit availability of options sometimes to prevent us from getting behind.

In an effort to keep our processing time down, we have limited our overlay sets but don't panic - we restock every day! 

We aim to provide top quality products as well as a short wait time, we understand the fun of getting new decals and customizations for our cars. :) 

SUMMARY: SOLD OUT designs restock every day! We do not restock early morning and we are on West Coast time PST  😉 (nothing earlier than 8am PST)



I have a question unrelated to anything, what's the best way to contact you? 

Direct messaging through social media is not a reliable way to contact us.

If your inquiry is regarding an order you placed, please reply to your order confirmation.

If it not about an order already placed, please use the Contact Us link or use email address orsinivinylanddesigns@gmail.com - which is where the contact us form goes, so please don't duplicate to both :)