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What comes with an Emblem Overlay Set from us?

⭐ 2 front emblem overlays, 2 rear emblem overlays and 1 steering wheel emblem overlay! ⭐

YES! 2 fronts and 2 rears! Why? Because (don't tell anyone I'm admitting this!) we're all human and sometimes you need a practice run, so we send a spare. It's a warm-up! An extra for an oops!

- Installation instructions with every set (also available here)
- Rubbing alcohol wipes (because instant gratification, I gotchu 😉)
- and a bonus decal!

We like to include everything that we would want to
receive as a customer! 😄

AND our packaging is as low-waste/recycling materials as possible! 🌎♻️( We have definitely used cereal and cracker boxes to package and ship orders! ) ♻️🌎