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DID YOU KNOW: Our emblem overlay sets come standard with TWO front emblem overlays, TWO rear emblem overlays AND a steering wheel emblem overlay!

Why the extra front and rear? Well, sometimes we need a warm-up decal :)

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How long will it take to get my order?

Production time MAY take up to 2 weeks prior to shipping. Each decal/emblem overlay set is made to order in the order it is received. This is NOT a new timeframe. We have always shipped within 7-10 business days. :) 

Once order is completed, shipping speed depends on which method of shipping you use and where you live.

Do you have a color that will match my Subaru Paint/Trim Color?

>> If you are looking for colors to match your car, check out this link HERE!

We are adding REAL life pictures as often as we can!  (long overdue, I knowwwww). 

Some don't quite have pictures yet, but we are working on them!

**We are working on finding an autumn green Outback (on a not overcast/super smokey day.... to show that nothing matches this color :)

I have a question, how do I contact someone?

Direct messaging through social media is not a reliable way to contact us.

If your inquiry is regarding an order you placed, please reply to your order confirmation.

If it is not about an order already placed, please use the Contact Us link or use email address orsinivinylanddesigns@gmail.com - which is where the contact us form goes, so please don't duplicate to both :)

How can I get a free decal?

EASY! Place an order & you will receive! Bonus points if you leave us a sweet note 😘

(disclaimer: if you do not order anything Subaru related, you may not receive the decal as it is branded ❤️ )