About Us!


Hi! My name is Hope, I live in Eureka, CA (Northern California, about 80 miles south of the Oregon border).  

I've always had an obsession with customizing my world. I was the kid with stickers all over my notebooks and water bottles and i sewed patches on my backpacks and added pins/buttons to everything. There's never a doubt which item was mine and that's exactly what got me here today. 

I bought my first Subaru in June 2015 and immediately wanted to change the blue emblems to something else. I ordered some from another online vendor and they fit alright, but they weren't exciting enough...

A few months later I purchased my first Silhouette Cameo and started creating. I've always wanted to make my own decals and now the world was my oyster! I began making car decals, painting wood signs, christmas ornaments, shirts, onesies, etching glasses and creating wedding gifts. 

A local friend hit me up for a pair of emblem overlays for his new Crosstrek and i wanted to get creative! He suggested the California Bear and that's when my original design was created! He posted in a Crosstrek Facebook group and it really escalated from there! 

Our Etsy was opened February 2018. I quickly built popularity completely through word of mouth! Facebook groups, Instagram shares/tags, Reddit mentions. I am still astounded by the traction we grew in such a short amount of time! 

In July, 2018 I switched over to Shopify so i could create more options and organize my store. 

As of today, January 12, 2021 we have over 11k followers on Instagram, just shy of 4k on Facebook and we still haven't spend $1 on advertising. No boosted ads or paid advertisers, just 100% word of mouth. 

I LOVE how my dream of a side gig has turned into my full time job and I make it a major point to continuously thank my followers and express my appreciation to each and every person! I wish i could handwrite a "thank you" with every order but I have borderline carpal tunnel and my hands would fall off haha BUT if you leave me any sort of kind note in your order, I will LOVE it and i will reply - and usually throw in a bonus decal ;) <3

On top of running Orsini Vinyl & Designs, I also am a stay-at-home mom to an almost 4 year old & 10 year old aaaaand help my dad with bookkeeping and other various tasks as he preps my husband & I to take over the family motorcycle repair business when he retires! Never a dull moment around here!


We cannot forget the *us* part of the "About Us" section!

First, my husband, Logan. He is the first one to support my crazy ideas, will stay up late helping me pack orders anytime I ask, and most importantly: makes a point to take the kids out of the house for a few hours every weekend so i can focus on work without distractions! He really knows the key to my heart 😂

And second, (but honestly, equally as amazing and supportive) is my little sister, Gloria. In the beginning of the pandemic, she came to me and said, how can i help! Well, she didn't actually come to me because she lives 8 hours from me but you know we text all the time. So I HAPPILY set her up with the info and she went to town! So, 99% of the time when you contact us, ((contact us form or email, they go to the same place)) it will be her responding!

She has her own job and life and responsibilities but helps me out in her spare time! I wouldn't be able to be where I am without my team of helpers. I will even put my kids to work, if they're not careful! (Yes, that's why some of the shipping labels/extra stickers get crooked....). 

So just know behind your messages and orders, is a handful of humans just doing our best <3 

We are always growing and changing and I am looking forward to the future with you in it! Thank you for reading this and for being here. :)

❤ - Hope