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May The Forester Be With You Decal

May The Forester Be With You Decal

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May The Forester Be With You Decal

7" x 2.3"

You will receive (1) Decal - you pick the color :)


Easy application! Instructions included.

Decals will stick to almost all flat surfaces!

Made with outdoor grade vinyl for a 5+ year life expectancy!


Ideal install temp for decal is 60-90°F.



Standard life expectancy for the overlay & decals is as follows:

Standard Vinyl (Oracal 651) 5+ years
Carbon Fiber Vinyl 5+ Years
Specialty Vinyl (Glitter, shade shift...) 3+ Years
Printed Vinyl 2+ years

This is STANDARD life expectancy with no extra abuse.


Emblem overlays are measured to go over your STOCK emblems on a STOCK grille. If you have aftermarket emblems, please contact me so we can make sure you get the right size :)

If you do not see your year/model listed, please contact us prior to purchase..

Color Charts

>> Stock images do not do ANY of these colors justice. <<

> Please check out our Facebook, Instagram or scroll through the designs for real life photos. 

> We cannot do "mockups" prior to ordering (the vinyl colors do not exactly match the computer mockup colors). 

> For examples, please join our Facebook group HERE and search for your color for posts. 

>> Please contact us BEFORE ordering if you have ANY questions about the colors you're wanting. <<


Care information

Keep in mind emblem overlays on the front of your car see a lot of trauma, especially if you wash with a power washer and/or if your car is in location with exceptionally rough summer heat/winter roads. Life expectancy may be reduced dramatically depending on these conditions.

Designs with small details do need some consideration during these same harsh conditions (including power washing your car) to extend the life of the design.

Installation Information

Emblem Overlay Installation Instructions
Emblem Overlays are MADE TO FIT. For best results, follow wet install instructions and line overlay up in the center.
No trimming needed (unless you have an aftermarket badge, then you may need to do a little trimming - UNLESS you provide your emblem measurements on order and we will adjust the size before making your order).

*We intentionally make them to fit just inside the chrome ring, so the entire decal can be sealed onto the emblem and no dirt/road grime gets between the decal and the emblem :)  
((If your overlays don't fit by a wild amount, please reach out! We will help you troubleshoot and get the right size.))

Installation Instructions for Emblem Overlays
Emblem Overlay Installation Photo Example


Steering Wheel Emblem Overlay
Installation Instructions


Small Decal Installation Instructions



2018-2020 Crosstrek Grille Winglet Overlay Installation Instructions


Large Decal Installation Instructions

When will I get my order?

Production time MAY take up to 2 weeks prior to shipping. Each decal/emblem overlay set is made to order in the order it is received. This is NOT a new timeframe. We have always shipped within 7-10 business days. :) 

Once your order is completed, shipping speed depends on which method of shipping you use and where you live.

Your order is being made by a team of super amazing humans who are trying to survive this wild world, while bringing you those custom details we know you're excited to receive!

We have shipped 100% of orders since 2017 😊

Contact Us

 If your question is about an order already placed, please reply to order confirmation email.

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Drop us a message! Questions, comments, suggestions, we'd love to hear from you :)

But first! Did you read the FAQ in case your question is already answered? Or at least check out the website for a minute or two :) 

● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Please remember we are a tiny operation (hi, my name is Hope!) but I have recruited my younger sister, Gloria, to help me reply to your emails! By recruited, I mean I pay her in decals and love, so unfortunately, she still has to work a regular job to pay her bills. So, please be patient in your replies as I promise you, one of us will reply as SOON as we can :) 

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Jump over to our contact us page to send us a message.

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