🚧 Printed Vinyl Emblem Overlays - Currently Unavailable 😔

As of 3/17/2022, our vinyl printer has given up the ghost. 

We have a replacement on the way, but estimated arrival time isn't until May... 

I was hoping to limp my current printer out until the replacement arrived, but that didn't happen :(

As soon as I am able to print again, all of the options will be available again!

>>> I know there are lower quality printing options that I could go with, in the meantime. But there's a reason I pay good money for this vinyl printer. I love it because I can print on high quality, cast vinyl (with air-release channels to make for easier install!!) and it also prints at a ridiculously high resolution, which is untouched by most other vinyl printers. 

I won't send out crappy product just to keep it in stock. So, it's a good news/bad news? Right? Don't be mad :( I will remedy this!!! ❤️


Vinyl Printer = ☠ dead ☠
New Vinyl Printer = May...
Printed Vinyl Overlays = Not right now 😭
Will return = ASAP

Thank you!!