Variety Packs by Glo: Assortment of Steering Wheel Emblem Overlays

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This listing is for a Steering Wheel Emblem Overlay Variety Packs by Glo!

Each pack will come with at least 5 steering wheel emblem overlays,
picked just for you.

Use the box to put your top three interests (colors/hobbies...) you like and we will run with it and surprise you with a fun combo! ((These are limited to options in our store, so don’t go too wild on your requests 😉))

Please add each one to the cart individually, to be able to specify different requests for each set.

>>These are curated by Gloria, just for YOU and will ship separately from custom emblem overlay sets. <<
((only available within the US currently))


**PLEASE NOTE: These are intended to be used as decals for waterbottles, laptops, lighters, notebooks... Be warned that some of these are a half to one millimeter small to fully fit the current steering wheel emblem, which is why I'm not telling you that they'll 100% fit. 

Stick these little ovals anywhere 😀

Some orders may include a full size emblem overlay or wheel centercap overlay - They may have minor blemishes, such as not QUITE lined up 100%. These items will not be counted towards your variety pack, just a fun bonus!



Standard life expectancy for the overlays is as follows:

Standard Vinyl (Oracal 651) 5+ years
Carbon Fiber Vinyl 5+ Years
Specialty Vinyl (Glow in the dark, glitter, shade shift) 3+ Years
Printed Vinyl 2+ years

This is STANDARD life expectancy with no extra abuse. Keep in mind emblem overlays on the front of your car see a lot of trauma, especially if you wash with a power washer and/or if your car is in location with exceptionally rough summer heat/winter roads. Life expectancy may be reduced dramatically depending on these conditions.
Designs with small details do need some consideration during these same harsh conditions (including power washing your car) to extend the life of the design.

CARBON FIBER OR SHADE SHIFTING VINYLS REQUIRE HEAT FOR INSTALLATION. These are made with cast vinyls (the same as used for wrapping cars) and require a heat source to fully adhere overlay to emblem. A heat gun is preferred, a hair dryer on high should work just as well.

Optimal installation temperature is 60-90* F. This includes installation of the FRONT emblem overlay on a warm car.


These overlays are measured to go over your STOCK emblems on a STOCK grille (unless otherwise noted during year/model selection >> SMG = Sport Mesh Grille). If you have aftermarket emblems, please contact me so we can make sure you get the right size :)

If you do not see your year/model listed, please contact me prior to purchase..